For one in ten people, learning and communication are truncated by a difficulty in integrating auditory information. In these cases, it is said that there is a listening problem.


Around 1960, Alfred Tomatis, a French physician specialized in otolaryngology,  developed a pedagogy to restore the functioning of listening using music and voice filtered through the electronic ear. In this pedagogy named "Method Tomatis® ", music is selected according to the needs of each person, then modified during the sessions using the electronic ear.


The electronic ear (TAP, Talks-Up and Solisten), is an equipment that regulates a series of filters and balances that allow music to strengthen the functioning of the muscles of the middle ear, vestibule and cochlea , and promoting the functions of these organs.

All the functions of the ear are stimulated by filtered music and voice. This is why we find that the Tomatis ® Method helps to overcome problems such as attention deficit, emotional disorders, language disorders and development in general.

Our ear is a system of sensory integration. In fact, it has several functions:


  • Auditory discrimination , that is to say the ability to select the sounds that we consider the most relevant according to the context.

  • Inhibition of sounds that are not relevant in what we have selected.

  • Spatial location of sound and its source.

  • Integration of sound and body information to make language possible.

  • Posture and balance regulation.

  • Voice regulation.

  • Dynamization of the nervous system.

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