Appointment oriented to deepen the explanation of the functioning of the Tomatis® Method, resolve doubts and specify the request.

Informative Appointment


In-depth interview and a Tomatis® Listening Test in which we assess your listening and your needs, which allow us to establish the starting point for treatment.

Entry Balance



A personalized program is made for you . These are generally 1.5 hour sessions per day over 3 periods of 14 days

separated by rest phases (integrative).

Listening sessions


  When the Program is finished, a closing meeting and a listening test are proposed.

The results of the Tomatis® Method are lasting. For certain problems it is sometimes necessary to consider additional Sessions.

Exit Report


We are aware of the importance of the family in the development of children. With the treatment of each child, his mother can benefit from a customized Tomatis ® program with 50% of discount.



After a first assessment meeting, and after doing a Listening Test, we will offer you a customized Listening program. You can use the Tomatis ® Method equipment at home or at the Tomatis ® Center in Lyon.