Valeria Jacob

Tomatis ® Method Consultant

Clinical Psychologist

Lyon - France

Dépassez les difficultés d'attention et d'apprentissage. Surmontez les troubles émotionnels et du langage.
À tout moment de la vie, la méthode de rééducation auditive et non-invasive Tomatis® alliée à un accompagnement professionnel améliore rapidement et durablement l'attention, la communication et le développement personnel.

"Alfred Tomatis is a leading figure in neuroplasticity, who developed a method of sound stimulation and claimed that the brain is malleable." 

Norman Doidge


The Tomatis® Method is a neurosensory  stimulation method in which music is used to improve our listening.


Listening is a high cognitive function that involves correct emotional management.


By stimulating the ear we help the brain to function optimally.

To hear, all we need is healthy ears.


To listen, we have to select, integrate and analyze the sounds we already perceived correctly.


At the Tomatis ® Lyon Center, you can do your Listening sessions at the Center or at home using our new equipment: the Talks - Up. 


By stimulating the three main functions of the ear: hearing, balance and stimulation of the nervous system,


The Tomatis ® Method helps to overcome several difficulties.

Attention Disorders

Attention Disorders


Language Disorders

Learning Disabilities

Emotional Disorders

Developmental Disorders